Tuesday, March 04, 2014

New York City with the Lee Family

The Lee Family began their journey into parenthood February 2, 2014.  Lucky me - I was invited to join the fun.  And to top it off, it all happened in New York City!  

 Baby Adam thought it was pretty funny to surprise mom and dad by pretending to be a girl on the ultrasound.  (of course, he didn't fool Aunt Bethy)
For a first-timer, Landon took to fatherhood like a pro!
Adam just loved getting his first real bath.  

And Ashley looks pre-pregnancy size after just a few days. 
 They make such a cute little family!

And I had tons of fun helping out.  In my spare time, I borrowed Ashley's boots and went traipsing around NYC sloshing in the slush and snow.  I LOVE NYC!

But I'm SO glad they're moving back to Texas!


Ashley Erin said...

We are so glad too!

Bexie Funk said...

I wish I could go visit! We would have so much fun!