Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ivy Mae

Ivy Mae Wagstaff Quist

My aunt Ivy passed away this week.  She was 88 years old, and worked at "the shop"- (the family glass business) until a week before she died.  She was my mentor.  Ivy taught me how to cook.  We spent countless hours together baking cookies and making goodies.  She paid me to clean her house when I needed the money.  She allowed me to be her "business partner" in her short-lived catering business.  Ivy believed in me before I believed in myself.  If she had one fault, it would be her generosity.  She made sure those around her had everything they needed and never worried about herself.  Ivy was selfless.  I hope to keep a little of her in me.  She also had a sense of humor.

Last time I was in Salt Lake, I stopped by to chat with my cousin, John, and he related the following story:
Their family decided to take Ivy to the High School football game to watch Olivia dance during half-time.  Ivy took great pride in her grandchildren.  She had just been to her beautician and had her hair done, which she does faithfully every week.  During the half-time event it began to rain, so John ran to the car to get an umbrella.  Fearing her hairdo would be ruined, Ivy could not wait for John to return.  She pulled from her purse a package of  Depends panty liners, removed the disposable strips and began pasting them on her hair, in an attempt to protect her beautiful hairdo.  John returned to a scene of hysteria.  Ivy had captured the attention of the entire audience, panty liners covering her hair.  The adults were laughing, and the teenagers were jockeying for position to get a photo with their cell phones.  He apologized profusely to those around him, but they just laughed, saying they hadn't had that much fun in years.

Although I will miss Ivy, it was her time to go.  And every time I think of her, I think I'm going to smile.


browniemom said...

So nice to see you! What wonderful memories you have with Ivy! I am sure you will cherish them forever! One of a kind that lady was!

Bexie Funk said...

What a beautiful picture! And great story.

Graytoppop said...

And my kids and I need to thank Ivy for the eclairs, petit-fours, and lots of other goodies that MTB makes for them...