Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Happy Birthday, Graytop!

Happy Birthday
to the love of my life!

60 years old and still looking good!

One of Carrie's friends asked her, "is that your dad?"  Then she commented that he should be in a hair commercial, because his hair looks perfect.  That's why we call him graytop!

Sorry I don't have your present yet!  I do plan on getting you some biking stuff (as well as a pair of running tights so you don't have to keep borrowing mine.)

Love you, sweetie!

Caroline's Baptism

This past weekend we traveled to Nashville to attend Caroline's baptism.  It was a whirlwind trip, but we had tons of fun!

We love visiting the Funks!

The baptism was great!  Carrie made sandwiches and tons of cupcakes, which were devoured!   Tons of people came from their ward.  I was amazed.
Caroline was baptized with her best friend, Annabeth.  
 After the baptism we took the kids to Target where they could pick out anything they wanted.  Graham chose a plastic lizard (he named him Oscar) from the dollar bin.  I tried to divert him to something I thought would be more lasting, but he insisted.  I finally told him he could get something "besides" the lizard.  He made sure that if he picked something else he would still get to keep Oscar.

We had fun walking the streets of downtown Nashville.
and Carrie made dad a delicious chocolate cake for his birthday (much better than the "fancy" one I paid way too much for  for when we got home.)

Congratulations, Caroline!  We're proud of you.

New York City with the Lee Family

The Lee Family began their journey into parenthood February 2, 2014.  Lucky me - I was invited to join the fun.  And to top it off, it all happened in New York City!  

 Baby Adam thought it was pretty funny to surprise mom and dad by pretending to be a girl on the ultrasound.  (of course, he didn't fool Aunt Bethy)
For a first-timer, Landon took to fatherhood like a pro!
Adam just loved getting his first real bath.  

And Ashley looks pre-pregnancy size after just a few days. 
 They make such a cute little family!

And I had tons of fun helping out.  In my spare time, I borrowed Ashley's boots and went traipsing around NYC sloshing in the slush and snow.  I LOVE NYC!

But I'm SO glad they're moving back to Texas!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ivy Mae

Ivy Mae Wagstaff Quist

My aunt Ivy passed away this week.  She was 88 years old, and worked at "the shop"- (the family glass business) until a week before she died.  She was my mentor.  Ivy taught me how to cook.  We spent countless hours together baking cookies and making goodies.  She paid me to clean her house when I needed the money.  She allowed me to be her "business partner" in her short-lived catering business.  Ivy believed in me before I believed in myself.  If she had one fault, it would be her generosity.  She made sure those around her had everything they needed and never worried about herself.  Ivy was selfless.  I hope to keep a little of her in me.  She also had a sense of humor.

Last time I was in Salt Lake, I stopped by to chat with my cousin, John, and he related the following story:
Their family decided to take Ivy to the High School football game to watch Olivia dance during half-time.  Ivy took great pride in her grandchildren.  She had just been to her beautician and had her hair done, which she does faithfully every week.  During the half-time event it began to rain, so John ran to the car to get an umbrella.  Fearing her hairdo would be ruined, Ivy could not wait for John to return.  She pulled from her purse a package of  Depends panty liners, removed the disposable strips and began pasting them on her hair, in an attempt to protect her beautiful hairdo.  John returned to a scene of hysteria.  Ivy had captured the attention of the entire audience, panty liners covering her hair.  The adults were laughing, and the teenagers were jockeying for position to get a photo with their cell phones.  He apologized profusely to those around him, but they just laughed, saying they hadn't had that much fun in years.

Although I will miss Ivy, it was her time to go.  And every time I think of her, I think I'm going to smile.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grandbaby #12

Introducing Adam Haygood Lee

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Eight Is Great!

It's hard to believe our oldest granddaughter turned eight just after Christmas!  It seems like just yesterday we were driving from San Antonio to meet Mabel Patrice Peterson.  Man, was she a beautiful baby!   And now she's a beautiful girl!

 She was baptized and confirmed on January 3 by her dad.  Grandma Patrice and Papa Reed gave wonderful talks. And cousins came all the way from Dallas and Arizona to share her day.

Super mom decorated the room and made her an awesome quilt.   And what more could a girl want for her special day than chocolate milk and donut holes?  (highlight of the evening for the kids)

We're so proud of you, Mabel!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Years!

Welcome 2014!  Happy New Year to everyone!

Our New Years festivities this year were less than exciting.  I worked New Years' Eve, which is typical.  This year there are three pediatricians in the office so I thought it would be so much easier.  Wrong.  Tad was on vacation and Christina ended up having the flu.  Since she was on call, I ended up taking her call, since you can't send someone with the flu to see new babies.  She went home at noon, which meant I ended up staying late.  I got home around  8pm pretty exhausted, but had to take a 256 vignette (long question) test that I had to finish by midnight to complete my accreditation for 2013.  ( I guess that makes me a procrastinator.)  I finished barely in time to welcome in the new year with our lovely fake champagne.  Except that our bottle opener wouldn't open the bottle.  Which pretty much summed up the evening, so we went to bed.

The next day started off better with a long run with Mike and a PR.  Couldn't ask for more than that!
Bring it on, 2014!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nutcracker 2013

We continued our tradition of going to the Nutcracker with all of the Reed girls that are in town.  This year Atley was old enough to go!

 We didn't get our good seats, as I didn't buy them soon enough to get front row seats together.  It was still fun to watch.
 The Peterson girls. . .  (and Violet) - she's not camera shy)
 We managed to get one picture all together.
 Sweet Leah . .

 I was a little worried about getting there on time, since Lindsey had a change of plans and went to New York instead of coming, so I needed to bring Violet.  I gave myself plenty of time, since navigation is not my forte.  I didn't need to budget the extra time, as I had a navigator in the back seat yelling, "Turn around, you're going the WRONG WAY."  She directed me to downtown Houston without incident!  Whew!

I LOVE the Nutcracker!  We missed Carrie and Caroline, Ashley and baby girl, Poodle, and Ashley!  Maybe one of these years we can get everyone together.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pizza, anyone?

This weekend for Sunday dinner DTB decided it was time to try out his new (father's day 1 1/2 yr ago) pizza stone for the grill while the kids were out of town (you're welcome!)  We're adventuresome like that!   I went to the store and bought everything we needed.  DTB made sure I purchased a new box of cornstarch, as he stated the instructions for the pizza stone were to slather it with cornstarch so the pizza wouldn't stick.

The pizza turned out with a nice, crunchy crust, but a funny aftertaste.

conversation at the dinner table:
Me: (as I'm wiping cornstarch from the bottom of my crust)   "Are you sure about this "cornstarch" thing?   This just doesn't seem right."
DTB:  "Well, I think I remembered it right, it was corn-something."
Me:  "Could it have been cornmeal?"
DTB:  "Oh, Yeah!  That's what it was!"
Me:  "Great!  That explains a lot."

This calls for a do-over.