Friday, March 22, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll in Washington D.C.

Last weekend we flew to Washington D.C to visit Poodle.
(Oh yeah, and run 13.1 miles with 30,000 of my closest friends)

First stop was the "Expo" where we justified our paying $100 per person to run 26.2/13.1 miles by stashing away free samples of Gu Chomps, Power bars, and packs of Gu.

Maintaining tradition, we took pictures of the clothing we were to wear the next day. 
(although I changed my mind and wore something else)

 The weather prediction was temperatures in the 30's and rain throughout the race.  Luckily, they were wrong.  Although the temperatures were brisk, (in the 30-40 range) and we stood in the cold for 2 hours waiting for the race to start, there was little to no rain.  Perfect weather for a great race.

Dad brought his Garmin, as did Poodle.  They both clocked the race as 27 miles for the marathon and 13.5 for the half.
Which makes Poodle's 3 hr 55 min even MORE impressive!

Note the great quality (ignoring the alignment) of the only photo I didn't have to pay for.
The quality of the others that I paid $79.00 to download was abysmal.

After the race we ate gobbled up calories at some great restaurants in D. C. and enjoyed being with Poodle!
Thanks for a great weekend!


Bexie Funk said...

we may need to teach you how to use your computer as well so the pictures aren't upside down.

Brett and Emily said...

Way to go! You guys are impressive. Sounds cold waiting in 30 degree temps. Congrats!!

browniemom said...

How fun for Poodle to run with her parents! And better to run when it's a little brisk rather than stifling hot!

poodle said...

i am pretty sure you downloaded the thumbnails and not the actual pictures.

AshtonFamilyHappenings said...

Wow-- you guys are impressive and look great!!!

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