Thursday, March 07, 2013

At the office

Good news:  I finally got an I-pad to use when I see patients.  I can access the patient's file and check the previous weight, prescriptions and notes.

Bad news:  I'm not quite proficient, as noted in a recent conversation with a young patient (6 yr old)

Me:  "Let me check and see what antibiotic I prescribed for you at your last visit."

Patient:  (after watching me fumble with the i-pad for several minutes)  "You're not very good at that."

Me:  "Nope, I'm sure not."

Patient:  "Want me to help?"

Me:  "I'd better do it myself."

Patient: " Well that's going to take a long time.

I think I need practice.


Lindsey said...

i'm sure that with practice it will save you a lot of time. And you'll have plenty of practice.

Graytoppop said...

That is the MTB that I know and love!!!

Ashley Erin said...

How hard is an iPad??

MOM THE BOMB said...

It's a finger coordination thing.