Friday, May 08, 2015

Bluebell Fun Run 2015

After living in Texas for more than 30 years, we finally decided to join the Bluebell fun run.

We started off with a trip to Bakery Donuts, compliments of Bethy.  May the sugar load begin!  Worth it!

We had to get a family picture before the race - DTB with his girls!

Brandon brought the girls to cheer us on!  Sweet Mabel, Annie and Leah!  It probably helped that there was all-you-can-eat "free" ice cream at the end.  Little did we know Bluebell was about to be shut down and our world would be shattered. :( This was to be our last chance for the best ice cream  in the world!  (Listeria or not)

 Here is Shady showing how much she LOVES running!

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Graytoppop said...

Hope we can go back next year!