Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pizza, anyone?

This weekend for Sunday dinner DTB decided it was time to try out his new (father's day 1 1/2 yr ago) pizza stone for the grill while the kids were out of town (you're welcome!)  We're adventuresome like that!   I went to the store and bought everything we needed.  DTB made sure I purchased a new box of cornstarch, as he stated the instructions for the pizza stone were to slather it with cornstarch so the pizza wouldn't stick.

The pizza turned out with a nice, crunchy crust, but a funny aftertaste.

conversation at the dinner table:
Me: (as I'm wiping cornstarch from the bottom of my crust)   "Are you sure about this "cornstarch" thing?   This just doesn't seem right."
DTB:  "Well, I think I remembered it right, it was corn-something."
Me:  "Could it have been cornmeal?"
DTB:  "Oh, Yeah!  That's what it was!"
Me:  "Great!  That explains a lot."

This calls for a do-over.


Ashley Erin said...

That sounds about right. At least he tried it when you were NOT having guests first. :)

MOM THE BOMB said...

yep. And he was very excited about the pizza. Other than the cornstarch it was good!

browniemom said...

Well your girl's definitely must get their cooking skills from their Moma:)!

Graytoppop said...

Cindy is correct, but I'm pretty good with the grill....